Adjustable Dumbbells and Bench Combo 快速調節重量啞鈴連健身椅套娤

  • HK$2,880.00
  • Save HK$760

本店熱賣組合!Best Seller! 

一對啞鈴加上一張穩固的健身椅,能為你的訓練組合增加更多可能性!舉如bench press, overhead press, rotation butterfly, Arnold press, dumbbell lunges等等由基本至進階的動作都能做到!

There are simply too many movements you can't miss if you are a serious weight trainer.  And with the dumbbells + bench set, you are ready to step up your game!   

  • Option 1 組合一:Two 3-24kg dumbbells with bench
  • Option 2 組合二:Two 5-40kg dumbbells with bench


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