Adjustable Dumbbell 快速調節重量啞鈴

  • HK$880.00
  • Save HK$400

  • 可快速調節重量 5-52.5 磅 / 10-90 磅 (3-24 公斤 / 5-40 公斤)
  • 一套相當於擁有 15 至 17 隻定重啞鈴!將 gym room 輕鬆帶返屋企!
  • 只要放在啞鈴座,便可調節重量
  • 安全、快捷、可靠、耐用、不生銹、不割花地板
  • 附送啞鈴座,亦可加配專用啞鈴架,確保以正確姿勢提舉啞鈴
  • 尺寸:43cm x 21cm x 23cm / 45cm x 25cm x 25cm (長 x 闊 x 高)
  • 質料:矽鋼重量片、高強度尼龍外層
  • 現貨,可於約一星期安排送抵府上
  • Get your weight from 5-52.5lbs or 10-90lbs (3-24kg or 5-40kg) in split second!
  • Combines 15 to 17 set weight dumbbells in one.  Bring your gym home!
  • Weight can be adjusted when placed to the safety slots on the base.
  • Safe, quick, reliable, durable, anti-rust, anti-scratch 
  • Comes with high-intensity nylon base.  Additional dumbbell rack is also recommended for lifting the dumbbells in a correct posture. 
  • Size43cm x 21cm x 23cm / 45cm x 25cm x 25cm (L x W x H)
  • Material: High strength nylon coated silicon steel plates
  • In stock product, door-to-door delivery in approximately a week



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