Door Pull Up Bar 單槓

  • HK$288.00
  • Save HK$100

  • 無須鑽牆:採用特別設計之防滑墊,可輕易安裝於任何石屎牆身、實木門、走廊等而不損牆身
  • 創新防滑裝置:與一般圓形或七角防滑裝置不同,經實測及改良的十字形加波浪坑紋設計,除能提供近八倍之表面接觸面積,更能承受不同方向之拉力
  • 承重 300kg
  • 附設水平儀:一眼就能裝置好完美平衡的單槓,不怕反覆裝卸或觸傷手腕
  • 內置安全齒輪:不怕裝置回彈或鬆脫
  • 六角匙機械式裝崁:比一般掛門式單槓安全、亦較手調式容易裝崁
  • 材質:加厚鋼管配上吸汗防滑泡綿手柄
  • 尺寸:70 - 90cm,適合普遍香港家居中門廊距離
  • No screws and no drilling : Stabilize with two specially designed anti-skid devices on both sides against any cement walls, security doors, solid wood doors, corridors.
  • Innovative anti-skid devices : Unlike normal anti-skid devices, the cross-shaped, wavy pattern designed pads provide up to eight times the surface area normal pads do.  
  • Hold up to 300kg (660lbs)!
  • Level meter : With the help of the level meter, you shall have your perfectly balanced pull up bar at ease!
  • Safety locking mechanism : The bar features a safety locking mechanism that prevents the bar from loosening and spinning. 
  • Hex wench tightening mechanism : Unlike traditional hanging type or hand twisted telescopic bars, the hex wench tightening mechanism ensures the best stability once properly set up.  
  • Material : Thickened anti-bending steel pipe with anti-slip and sweat-absorbent foam handle
  • Width : 70 - 90cm.  Fit-in most of the corridors or doors in Hong Kong apartments. 



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